Executive MBA

Core courses

Combining both practical and theoretical knowledge, the core courses are designed to equip you with the most forward-facing perspectives on strategy, finance and leadership.

These courses provide a framework for the entire programme. The goal is to give you a set of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills, each as beneficial as the other. To make everything easier for you, our courses are divided into three main categories, based on what we know are the most sought-after leadership skills modern managers are looking for:

Value creation in Business Markets

  • Strategy Process: Learn how to generate, evaluate and implement strategies.
  • Strategy Analysis and Value Creation: Understand how to structure and analyze problems and opportunities related to the creation of value.
  • Marketing: A comprehensive introduction to the field of strategic marketing and decision-making.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Get to know the systems, tools and techniques used to successfully manage innovation.
  • Operations Management: Learn about the production and delivery of goods and services and how to handle operational challenges. 
  • Succeeding with Sustainable Growth: Learn how to set hybrid visions, develop green growth scenarios and analyse market opportunities for green growth.

Knowing your numbers

  • Corporate Finance: We provide you with insights and practical tools that will help you make sound financial decisions.
  • Financial Accounting: Learn how to talk-the-talk with accountants and understand the principles of financial accounting.
  • Managerial Economics: Develop an intuitive and analytical feeling for the working of the market mechanism.
  • Management Accounting: Understand the concepts and tools behind management accounting, allowing you to “connect the dots” between numbers and management decisions.

Leading and succeeding through people

  • Leadership Development: You will delve into the latest leadership research, learn to adapt these insights to your professional context, and develop a profound self-awareness to grow as a leader.
  • Human Resource Management: Address human resource topics from a business perspective and learn how to implement more effective HRM practises and systems.
  • Organizational Ethics: Learn how to handle ethically challenging situations and what it takes to make sustainable, long-term decisions.