Executive MBA Alumni Seminar

The Challenge of Transformation to Sustainable Growth

Learn to develop sustainable opportunities and acquire skills to master green growth for your business. This seminar introduces green growth as a field of leadership and strategy.

why Green growth as a field of strategy?

Most studies show that sustainable businesses are more effective in attracting employees, collaborate better with regulators, and discover more new opportunities for innovation. We spell out these links, discuss hybrid business models and explore the personal motivation and ethics of sustainable leadership.  
Participants will gain insight into the main differences between green economics and mainstream economics, learn how to set hybrid visions and acquire the tools for analysing opportunities for green growth. We will also discuss controversies of “greenwashing”, the circular economy and radical resource productivity. 

What you learn 

Participants will learn about: 

  • The concept of Green Growth and related theories of economic sustainability
  • The main differences between "Green Economics" and mainstream economics
  • Circular economy and resource productivity
  • Leadership and motivation in leading sustainable organizations
  • Criteria for distinguishing greenwashing from green growth in marketing 

Participants will both be challenged to reflect on personal motivation and ethics of sustainability leadership, and on ideology and motivation 
– how do we resolve "sustainability versus profits” dilemmas? 

Who is it for? 

The seminar is an exclusive offer to BI Executive MBA alumnus. You will join the current Executive MBA class for this one week – 40 hours – seminar. We expect active class participation and supportive behavior for fellow students. Each participant is held co-responsible for a learning environment that is open, challenging and respectful.

"The transformation of wastefulness into tomorrow’s sustainable companies is the greatest business opportunity in the 21st century."

Per Espen Stoknes

Associate Professor

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