Executive MBA

Interactive learning

Through extensive experience in online education, we have gained competence in what it takes to create first-class online teaching. When traveling became impossible for many this spring, we contacted our helpful robots for assistance.

We do not differentiate in quality between forms of delivery - everything we do at BI must have the same high teaching quality. Because your success is our success. When we are consistently ranked among the world's best business schools, we do so based on measurements of the quality we deliver and you as a student experience.

We believe that learning is created in the interaction between lecturer / student and student / fellow student. In other words, you as a student should be able to learn and benefit from both professors and fellow students on your way to your own development. And we have created that interaction together, also in an all-digital world.

Assisting robots

We would rather have people in the classroom, but when traveling became impossible for many this spring, we got help from our robots:

Interactive learning

"Starting an EMBA during a pandemic was certainly not easy. BI managed to turn our face-to-face EMBA into an online course over night, and very successfully. BI created break-out rooms in Zoom and came up with creative ideas to engage us. Despite the fact we weren’t in the same class room we definitely managed to establish a connection."

Ines Paz

Project Director, Visma

"Starting from March this year, quarantine rules were limiting our presence on BI campus and we were experiencing the "new normal" with no clear and certain processes defining what is the best for students, for teachers, for the program itself.) I'm impressed how fast BI team has managed to rearrange the entire module and made sure all the participants have complete access to materials, lectures and virtual class sessions."

Serge Kravtsov

Global Account Manager, Cisco

"BI has proven to be innovative and adaptive to provide a full-MBA experience, even though there has been demanding times for all of us. Professors and students have explored the digital opportunities for learning together, which has been a valuable experience preparing for a digital future and way of work."

Linn Tronstad

Head of Robotics & AI, DNB

Teaching activities and the COVID-19 outbreak

It is impossible for us to estimate how long the COVID-19 outbreak will affect our activities. BI’s main focus is on organising the teaching in line with the government’s restrictions on large gatherings of people and we constantly adapt the teaching to current infection control orders from the authorities.