Executive MBA

Personal development programme

In addition to the academic courses, an essential ingredient of the Executive MBA journey is your personal development.

Throughout the EMBA-programme you will be given opportunities to learn and reflect upon topics such as:

Methods to increase self-awareness and development:

First, there are workshops aiming at preparing for successful teamwork and learning from group work through feedback sessions.

Second, working in a group is a big part of the programme. All group works end with students anonymously giving each other feedback and then receiving their own peer-feedback report.

Third, we integrate personality testing and a 360 degree measure in the leadership course to make the course more personal relevant. 

Career or Leadership development:

In addition to these initiatives, you are invited to either work on your career development or your development in the role as a leader. 

  • Choosing Career development, professional and experienced faculty within talent management will help you to set long term goals and to follow up and take charge of your own career. The process defines your skills and how to reach your goals through learning and developing. The essential part of the Career Development Programme is to define how to increase your value as an employee.  After these analyses, we will match you to a mentor among our EMBA Alumni, who will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Choosing Leadership development, you will first have a session with a faculty specialized within leadership development and coaching. There you will get an in-depth analysis of your personality profile and 360 report, aiming at finding areas to focus on to develop further as a leader.