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In collaboration with AS3, BI offers personal career coaching.


The EMBA journey is more than the 18 months of hard work you experience from the start in the programme and until you graduate! It is also the networking and the Alumni engagement, in addition to the impact and influence the programme has on your career. During the programme, you will also experience that changes happen along the way and career goals are adapted and new ones are set.

These career-related processes can be quite challenging. After graduating from the MBA and the EMBA, you might find it useful to have professional advice and counselling. Personal career coaching can help you to develop a career strategy, improve your career prospects and see possibilities and options that you did not know existed.

In collaboration with AS3, BI offers personal career coaching at a reduced price to BI MBA Alumni. Usually, AS3 do not offer personal career counselling to individuals but only companies. This is a special offer tailored to BI MBA Alumni.

Together with your personal coach, you can work on clarifying your career goals. You can also go in-depth in what you need to develop (e.g., skills) to reach those goals. The coach can act as your professional ‘training partner’, helping you develop strategies to best present yourself and your experience to potential employers. By registering here we will assign you to a coach and contact you shortly after.  

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Since 1989, well over 50,000 people have made good progress in their careers with our support. We know what it takes. Each one of you will have different thoughts and concerns about their future and the choices and opportunities which are part of this. Career Transition is all about you. Together with your personal coach you can focus on your foundation, opportunities, and activities to be able to clarify and reach your goal. The coach will be your professional sparring partner.


Kristina Andersson
Kristina Andersson

Kristina Andersson

Kristina Andersson has a background in sociology, communication and social psychology and has extensive experience as a coach and advisor in connection with internal mobility and change processes. 

Several years’ experience from the IT industry and project management. Certified CTI, transition & career coach.

With solid insight into and knowledge of the current labour market for various industries, she is a competent and connected career coach. Kristina is creating results through insight, action, and movement. By challenging and making you responsible, she ensures that you take ownership and continuous progress to reach your goal.

“One of the most important things in a person’s life is to feel good at work. Being allowed to be close to people and contribute to this is a great privilege.”
        - Kristina Andersson

Anne Havsgård
Anne Havsgård

Anne Havsgård

Anne Havsgård holds an MBA and has more than 20 years of experience from both in manager and HR positions in international companies. She has solid competence and experience from organisational and personal change processes broad knowledge of relevant tools.

Through several years as a mentor, coach and sparring partner for HR and managers, she has gained solid experience from the field.
Anne has worked extensively with the job search process and is a certified recruiter with up-to-date insight in the job market.

“I am motivated by people’s personal development and think it is fantastic when people discover that even small steps can make a big difference.”
        -  Anne Havsgård

Espen Langseth
Espen Langseth

Espen Langseth

Espen Langseth is a trained coach and organizational consultant. He has entrepreneurial experience, in addition to working as a General Manager and Sales Manager with responsibility for training and development.

Espen has broad experience, and a lot of knowledge about how to work to develop managers and employees in a holistic way. He is certified through the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

Thinking creatively and find new ways to help people is something that gives Espen energy. He has a great commitment to assisting people to grow and unleash their potential. His biggest motivating factors is to contribute to others' growth, well-being and job satisfaction, and help them achieve their dreams and goals.

“I am passionate about developing the WHOLE individual.
        - Espen Langseth

Coach senior level

Tore naess
Tore naess

Tore Næss

Tore Næss is an experienced leader, leadership developer, and coach. He is a trained Safety Engineer and specialist nurse in psychiatry and has worked for several years as head of the Specialist Centre for leadership and team development in the former Statoil.

He has work and management experience from several levels and industries such as oil & gas, development, aquaculture and healthcare.

Tore currently works as a coach, both at the individual and organizational level. Tore communicates well with people from all levels and is skilled at understanding other people's situation and challenges. Tore is passionate about transitions and adaptations to different situations.

“I experience joy when candidates develop their way of communicating, so that they actually seek understanding of both their own and others' perspectives.”
       - Tore Næss


Individual Career Coaching and access to digital platform

  • 1 hour sessions 1950,-NOK/session 
  • 3 sessions package 5400,-NOK


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