Specialisation in Economics

Course plan

Below you will find an overview of the courses included in the programme and when they are offered.


Click on the course title to read the course description. Please note that courses are subject to change.

Course Semester
Mathematics, Ph.D Autumn 20
Advanced Microeconomics Autumn 20
Advanced Statistics Autumn 20
Advanced Macroeconomics Autumn 20
Asset Pricing Theory Spring 19
Spring 21
Time Series Econometrics Spring 19
Spring 21
Panel Data/ Microeconometrics Spring 19
Spring 21
Research Seminar in Economics Autumn 19
Spring 20
Autumn 20
Spring 21
Research Ethics Spring 20
Empirical Asset Pricing Autumn 19
Topics in Macroeconomics  Autumn 19
Topics in Microeconomics Spring 19
Spring 21
Topics in Search Theory Autumn 19
Experimental Economics Spring 20
Lecture series on Oil Markets and the Macro Economy Spring 19
Spring 21
Numerical Methods in Finance and Economics Autumn 19
Bayesian Econometrics  
Bayesian Time Series Modeling & Forecasting  
Regime Switching in VAR and DSGE Models: Theory and Applications  
Topics in Macroeconomic Dynamics  
Factor Models in Macroeconomics