Research Proposal

Unless otherwise stated in the announcement, all applications to the PhD programme must include a research proposal in order to be considered. The research proposal is used to evaluate how the suggested research topic fits the overall strategy of the school and how advanced the candidate is in dealing with research related issues.

The proposal should outline the research topic and programme of research. The format should be approximately 10 pages (4,000-5,000 words). The proposal should typically include the following elements:

Research question

  • A definition of the problem or gap in existing knowledge that your research seeks to answer.


  • A clear and concise description of your research project.


  • A brief explanation of what you propose to research
  • Why the research is of value
  • How you propose to go about it.

Literature review

  • Key articles and theories on which your proposed research will be based.

Research method

  • Your choice of methodology, including methods of data collection and analysis, with milestones indicating when the key activities will be accomplished. It is recommended that the proposal clarify a suitable research model.


  • A literature reference list.