Follow your passion for research

With a PhD from BI you can follow your passion, make an impact and shape the future. Our PhD programme allows you to be curious, ambitious and dedicated while you conduct research at a high quality business school.

Why pursue a PhD

  • You can follow your passion and study the questions you are curious about
  • You can conduct in-depth research on topics that motivate and interest you
  • You can dedicate yourself to being curious and inquisitive
  • You can become an expert in your field of interest
  • You can make an impact on society
  • Finally you can help shape the future

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What are you really passionate about?

Imagine the possibility to conduct in-depth research on topics that motivate and interest you. Our research environments within each PhD specialisation are at the top of their field, creating a place where you can dedicate every day to being curious and inquisitive. A PhD is first and foremost about acquiring in-depth knowledge and specialising in the discipline that you are interested in, and becoming an expert in this field.

The PhD programme at BI is designed for those of you who are ambitious, hard working and dedicated. It allows you to follow your passion, and it offers you the opportunity to make an impact in society and shape the future.

PhD: Researcher at heart

Your future - Your business

By pursuing a PhD at BI, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subjects you are passionate about, with the support of experienced academics and a large international network. Your position will grant you with continuous challenges and the opportunity for constant further development, as well as recognition and prestige as a researcher. A PhD positions you for an exciting and reputable position, either in academia, private business or the public sector. At BI, you can specialise in your subject area at a high quality, international business school with strong professional supervisors. A PhD is a starting line into an academic career and an academic life- a PhD is a lifestyle.

PhD Programme

Read more about our PhD programme and the areas of specialisation we offer.