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With a PhD from BI you will be well prepared for a career at top universities and research institutions. Our PhD candidates develop as researchers under the supervision of internationally renowned BI faculty.



A PhD from BI can be a gateway to prestigious placements at universities around the world.


What is a PhD?

The standard period of study in the doctoral programme is four years including 25 per cent of…



BI offers PhD scholarships to support students in the six areas of specialisation at the PhD level.

Dean & Associate Deans

Our Faculty

Meet the faculty responsible for the specialisations.

Specialisation in

Leadership and Organisation

Focuses on developing the doctoral candidates’ theoretical knowledge and methodological skills required to become successful researchers

Specialisation in

Strategic Management

The department has a strong track record of publications in top journals.

Specialisation in


The programme focuses on developing methodological skills required to become successful marketing researchers.

Specialisation in

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This specialisation educates candidates to become researchers capable of exploring challenges faced in entrepreneurial business and innovation policies.

Specialisation in


Solid training in performing high quality scientific research in economics.

Specialisation in


In-depth and intensive training programme at the cutting edge of both theoretical and empirical research in finance.

"With a PhD from BI you will be well prepared for a career at top universities and research institutions. The journey is challenging, but very rewarding. When you leave BI as a PhD graduate, you should expect to have contributed new and valuable insights to your field of study"

Øyvind Norli

Professor, Dean of the Doctoral Programme


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Forget about the beautiful fjords and mountains...Forget about the attractive job market and low…

PhD dissertations

Find information about previously submitted PhD dissertations at BI Norwegian Business School.

External candidates

PhD candidates admitted to PhD Programmes at other institutions are welcome to take PhD courses at BI.


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