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Money Talks … Or?

Financial success is important across cultures while the importance of maintaining a work-life balance differs between them.

Does humour in advertising work?

Ads that make us laugh can also make us buy. However, new research shows that companies should favour a certain type of humour.

Relationships: The missing link in mergers & acquisitions?

Mergers & acquisitions continue to be a popular means for firms to grow, internationalize and gain access to new technologies. New research brings us one step closer to understanding this process.

Creating buzz before new product launches: Is it always a good idea?

Many firms aim to create buzz when launching new products. But pre-launch marketing for new products may also have unintended negative consequences.

Entrepreneurs are more single-minded

But is it because they are born that way, or did they become like that? A research study from BI Norwegian Business School gives some answers.

The unexpected value of beer sounds

Can sounds influence our perception of whether a beer is more or less premium?

Incorrect conclusions about self-motivated employees

Intrinsically motivated employees are not more prone to burnout than extrinsically motivated employees.

Deadlines help Project Teams face Pressure

Introducing intermediate deadlines can help project teams dealing with schedule pressure. However, it is possible to push a team over the edge by planning too many intermediate deadlines.

Research profile

Bård Kuvaas

Bård Kuvaas research interests include behavioral decision making, organizational behavior, and things related to HRM, such as performance appraisal, training, pay and compensation, supportive HR-practices, and perceived investment in employee development.