Your life as a PhD student at BI

As a PhD candidate at BI, you will have the freedom and flexibility you need to immerse yourself in what you are most passionate about. The four-year full-time doctoral programme that leads to a PhD degree includes 25% teaching responsibilities.

As a PhD student at BI you will have:

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • The opportunity to immerse yourself in what you are most passionate about
  • An academic career and an academic life
  • Four years with solid financing and a paid position
  • Access to financial support and resources for your own research
  • A flexible working environment and workday

What you can expect

The four-year study programme leading to a PhD degree is designed to allow you to conduct in-depth research. In addition, it is comprised by a course component, seminars, PhD committees, pre-doctoral defence, and lastly, dissertation and final defence. 25% of the time is reserved for teaching. We aim to create the best possible environment from which to launch your academic journey. Our faculty members will challenge you to reach for the forefront of your field by practicing rigour and relevance, and will help you on your path to publish your research in a top-tier journal. We are proud of the good environment we have when it comes to sharing knowledge, interdisciplinarity and a flat structure between students and professors.

Financial support

As a PhD student at BI you will also receive financial support for four years as a temporary employee at BI. You will learn to set priorities and focus on the most promising projects. As a PhD student at BI you will have a lot of flexibility, but also responsibility. You will have to think about how to get data, interviews and meet deadlines. Self-management is of essence in order to be successful. You must be motivated to push further, accepting that results only come in the long term. All in all a PhD is a great accomplishment and proof of having fulfilled demanding achievements. Working as a researcher can come with both prestige and recognition.

PhD Programme

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