Mood of Optimism

Gudmund Hernes

Gudmund Hernes tells the history of the world in ten minutes, lay out the whole Earth system and highlight Jørgen Rander’s position in both.

Professor Jørgen Randers has been busy weaving science and activism together over the last almost 50 years. 21th of May BI Norwegian Business School hold a seminar, BI's Green Economics Seminar and Festschrift, in the honour of Jørgen Randers for exploring and enduring that tension.

Gudmund Hernes, Adjunct professor at BI and researcher with FAFO was one of many presenters with the lecture "Mood of Optimism in Climate Policy".

For more please watch: Happy Climate

In only ten minutes he tell the story of the world, lay out the whole Earth system and highlight Jørgen Rander's position in both.

The role (s) of Randers:

  • Pandora: Opening the box of knowledge
  • Cassandra - "I told you so"
  • Prometheus: Punished for stealing the fire

Watch his talk for an intriguing viewpoint on the story of climate change.

Published 30. June 2015

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