Managing the unknown

Kim van Oorschot

How can project managers get better control with unknown factors that arise? Professor Kim van Oorschot tells you how to succeed with your projects.

Leaders Toolbox: Managing the unknown

When project managers make a plan when they start a project, they often underestimate the workload or the number of tasks that need to be done to complete the project("the unknown").

As a result, the project will be delayed or the scope will be reduced to finish on time. To explain the delays or scope reductions to clients and steering committees, project managers often blame these unexpected tasks that suddenly are discovered and that mess up the initial project plan.

And although project managers are right in stating that unexpected tasks mess up plans and cause trouble, they can be wrong in claiming that they couldn't do anything about it and that they didn't see it coming.

Professor Kim van Oorschots latest research project discovered three project conditions that are clear, objective and measurable for project managers("the known"). These three can help bringing the project to the finish line in a successful way. As such, project managers can measure the knowns to manage the unknown.

Watch video and learn how to succeed in project management.

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How to succeed in project management

Published 5. May 2017

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