Three tips to help employees adapt to changes

Elizabeth Solberg

How can leaders promote flexibility and adaptivity in "change resistant" employees? Associate Professor Elizabeth Solberg gives advice based on her doctoral research.

Leader's Toolbox: Elizabeth Solberg

Most organizations, both private and public, operate in changing and dynamic business environments. Hence, the need for adaptive employees who cope with and respond well to changing job demands has become increasingly important.

Many organizations strive to recruit adaptive performers. But how can they cultivate these qualities in existing employees?

Associate Professor Elizabeth Solberg gives a lecture on how leaders can promote flexibility and adaptivity in “change resistant” employees.

During the lecture she gives you three tips on how to help employees to adapt to changes:

Developmental leaders. The leader should both be a strong developmentally-role model at the top of the organization and supervisors throughout the organization that are adept at providing developmental support.

Empathy for the complexity and challenge employees face in dealing with changing work situations

Felt responsibility for enabling employees to perform well and remain employable in changing work environment

Leader's Toolbox (Lederens verktøykasse) is a series of seminars at BI Norwegian Business School held every last Friday of the month.

Leader's Toolbox: Elisabeth Solberg

Published 3. November 2017

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