Leading through disruption

Per Ingvar Olsen

Listen to Stay Ahead – The energy system appears to be on steroids and the Green Shift is in movement. How to lead and communicate in the green transition?

How to maneuver an organisation in such a fast-changing business environment with several market, regulatory and technological changes? 

In this episode of Stay Ahead you will hear how Statnett has restructured its organization at a fast speed, and how it is communicating the overall uncertainty of the transition to employees, as well as all other stakeholders.  

Leading into the big unknown 

The recent geopolitical unrest shows that the pace of the energy transition is only expected to increase, giving less room for organizations to adapt their models and practices. The energy transition is in its initial stages in Europe which makes it an especially challenging time as we are into the unknown as a society.  

During the last year, Statnett has developed a new operational strategy. They are now embarking on the last 75% of the transformation job which is leadership and cultural development. 

Communication is the key to transformation 

As communication is at the core of leadership, the company is paying utmost interest to it when managing its stakeholders. To lead through transformation, people must understand the changes needed.  

In Statnett, the process is even more cross-border due to the company’s highly international presence, requiring additional networking and leadership skills. But how to manage different stakeholder groups to build trust in a highly uncertain market? 


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Published 25. March 2022

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