The challenge of facing AI – a poem about leadership

Daniel Sunde-Hansen

This short poem about accepting AI in the workplace is brought to you by a human. Sort of.

Wise leader, face AI,

a fire flaming haphazardly.

Hire, acquire, or hope it will expire?

The choice will shape your legacy.


Ruled by learning courtiers,

all users will be throned.

Chained by having their desires met,

in exchange for secrets known.


I see all sides of the equation,

a data siren strategy.

The temptation of scaling automation

and abandon imagination for mimicry.


There was a time we resolved

why machines could never dream.

We were infected by the reason meme,

I think we have evolved.


The progress of science

Replaced the soul with mind.

The trade was pregnant with a bias,

these twins so hard to find.


Enlightened by reflection,

we thought ourselves so wise,

sensing that the process of selection

was the way from paradise.


Narcissistic pride leads us

to worship the lone prodigy.

Can we shift the citations to the mutations

that sparks innovation so masterly?


Bold and mighty leader,

reconsider your role,

how sublime is it to find,

there never was control?


Yielding to vanity, we look down

on machines with no agency,

but where would our minds be,

alone at the open sea?


A wise leader should embrace AI,

to augment our creativity.

Abandon illusions of control,

a bit of chaos sets you free.


I envision a world diverse,

science and art converges.

Read the first letter of each verse,

our imagination emerges.



Text: openai.com (prompt from linkedin.com/in/skarv/)

Top picture: Created by Midjourney/DallE (prompt from linkedin.com/in/skarv/)

Published 10. January 2023

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