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Centre for Innovation in Education - CIEd

Centre for Innovation in Education focuses on research, acquiring knowledge and insight into how politicians, owners and leaders can best contribute to the development and improvement of kindergartens and schools.

The goal of our programmes is to produce leaders who can make kindergartens and schools an optimal environment for child development and learning.

Our primary focus is on innovation in our education sector. By implementing strategic interventions we wish to develop new ways to organize, lead and manage our kindergartens and schools so as to make them better places to be and better places to learn. The Centre is an active catalyst for those looking for improvements in their kindergartens and schools.

Please read more about our teaching management programmes and research projects on our Norwegian website. Some content is in Norwegian only.

Robin Ulriksen is the Head of the Centre.

Image of Robin Ulriksen

Robin Ulriksen

Associate Professor Department of Communication and Culture


BI Norwegian Business School
Nydalsveien 37
0484 Oslo

Switch Board: +47 46 41 00 00