Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship is a leading innovative institution that develops and disseminates expertise in corporate business models, development and growth.

BI Norwegian Business School's scientific publications are  registered in the national database Cristin. (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Publications from Departmenet of Strategy 2011-

(The publications are continuously updated in Cristin).

  • Rong Zenga, Birgitte Grøgaard & Piers Steel

    Complements or substitutes? A meta-analysis of the role of integration mechanisms for knowledge transfer in the MNE network

    Journal of World Business. Zeng_Grogaard_Steel_JWB_forthcoming.pdf

  • Helene Colman & Audrey Rouzies

    Postacquisition Boundary Spanning: A Relational Perspective on Integration

    Journal of Management. Colman and Rouzies JOM.pdf

  • Erik Aadland, Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani

    The Social Structure of Consecration in Cultural Fields: The Influence of Status and Social Distance in Audienceā€“Candidate Evaluative Processes

    Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Aadland&Cattani&Ferriani RSO 18.pdf

  • Pengfei Wang and Michael Jensen

    Not in the same boar: How status inconsistency affects research performance in business schools

    Academy of Management Journal. amj.2015.0969.pdf

  • Pengfei Wang and Michael Jensen

    A Bridge Too Far: Divestiture as a Strategic Reaction to Status Inconsistency

    Management Science. mnsc.2017.2964.pdf

  • Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

    Agency problems and governance mechanisms in collaborative communities

    Journal of Organization Design. Kolbjornsrud (2018) Collab org forms, JOD, 7(11).pdf

  • Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, Richard Amico and Robert J. Thomas

    How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management

    Harvard Business Review. Kolbjørnsrud, Amico, Thomas (2016) How AI will redef mgmt, HBR 161102 (print).pdf

  • Asmund Rygh and Gabriel R.G. Benito

    Capital Structure of Foreign Direct Investments: A Transaction Cost Analysis

    Management International Review. Rygh and Benito, MIR 2018.pdf

  • Erik Aadland, Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani

    Friends, Gifts and Cliques: Social Proximity and Recognition in Peer-Based Tournament Rituals

    Academy of Management Journal. Aadland, Cattani & Ferriani - Friends, Gifts and Cliques (2018).pdf

  • Justin Paul and Gabriel R. G. Benito

    A review of research on outward foreign direct investment from emerging countries, including China: what do we know, how do we know and where should we be heading?

    Asia Pacific Business Review. Paul and Benito, APBR 2018.pdf