Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship is a leading innovative institution that develops and disseminates expertise in corporate business models, development and growth.

BI Norwegian Business School's scientific publications are  registered in the national database Cristin. (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Publications from Departmenet of Strategy 2011-

(The publications are continuously updated in Cristin).


  • Grecu, Alina; Sofka, Wolfgang, Larsen, Marcus Møller & Pedersen, Torben (2022)
    Unintended signals: Why companies with a history of offshoring have to pay wage penalties for new hires
    Journal of International Business Studies. Doi: 10.1057/s41267-021-00486-3
  • Haarman, Amanda; Larsen, Marcus Møller & Namatovu, Rebecca (2022)
    Understanding the Firm in the Informal Economy: A Research Agenda
    European Journal of Development Research. Doi: 10.1057/s41287-022-00508-2
  • Lavie, Dovev; Lunnan, Randi & Truong, Binh Minh Thi (2022)
    How Does a Partner’s Acquisition Affect the Value of the Firm’s Alliance with That Partner?
    Strategic Management Journal.
  • Saiedi, Ed; Mohammadi, Ali, Broström, Anders & Shafi, Kourosh (2022)
    Distrust in Banks and Fintech Participation: The Case of Peer-to-Peer Lending
    Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. Doi: 10.1177/1042258720958020
  • Zilja, Flladina; Adarkwah, Gilbert Kofi & Christopher, Sabel (2022)
    Do Environmental Policies Affect MNEs’ Foreign Subsidiary Investments? An Empirical Investigation
    MIR. Management International Review: journal of international business. Doi: 10.1007/s11575-021-00458-7
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