Department of Accounting, Auditing and Business Analytics

The Department of Accounting, Auditing and Business Analytics is responsible for all teaching in financial accounting, managerial accounting and auditing at the various programs offered by the BI Norwegian Business School.

Top publications

The list below summarizes the department’s publications in journals ranked 4* or 4 by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (ABS).


  • Eckbo, B. Espen and Kisser, Michael
    Tradeoff theory and leverage dynamics of high-frequency debt issuers
    Review of Finance (forthcoming)


  • Hope, Ole-Kristian; Lu, Haihao; Saiy, Sasan
    Director compensation and related party transactions
    Review of Accounting Studies, 2019, 24, pg. 1392-1426
  • Langli, John Christian; Hope, Ole-Kristian; Che, Limei
    How Big-4 Firms Improve Audit Quality
    Management Science (forthcoming)
  • Dekeyser, Simon; Gaeremynck, Ann; Willekens, Marleen
    Evidence of Industry Scale Effects on Audit Hours, Billing Rates, and Pricing
    Contemporary Accounting Research, 2019, 36(2), pg. 666-693.


  • Bleibtreu, Christopher; Stefani, Ulrike
    The Effects of Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation on Client Importance and Audit Industry Concentration
    Accounting Review, 2018, 93(1), pg. 1- 27.
  • Chen, Feng; Hope, Ole-Kristian; Li, Qinyuan; Wang, Xin
    Flight to Quality in International Markets: Investors? Demand for Financial Reporting Quality during Political Uncertainty Event
    Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018, 35(1), pg. 117-155
  • Dou, Yiwei; Hope, Ole-Kristian; Thomas, Wayne B.; Zou, Youli
    Blockholder Exit Threats and Financial Reporting Quality
    Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018, 35(2), pg. 1004-1028
  • Hope, Ole-Kristian; Wang, Jingjing
    Management deception, big-bath accounting, and information asymmetry: Evidence from linguistic analysis
    Accounting, Organizations and Society, 2018; 70, pg. 33-51


  • Kisser, Michael; Kiff, John; Soto, Mauricio
    Do managers of U.S. defined benefit pension plan sponsors use regulatory freedom strategically?
    Journal of Accounting Research, 2017, 55, pg. 1213-1255
  • Hope, Ole-Kristian; Hu, Danqi; Zhaoa, Wuyang
    Third-party consequences of short-selling threats: The case of auditor behavior
    Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2017, 62(2-3), pg. 479-498
  • Hope, Ole-Kristian; Wu, Han; Zhao, Wuyang
    Blockholder exit threats in the presence of private benefits of control
    Review of Accounting Studies, 2017, 22(2), pg. 873-902
  • Hope, Ole-Kristian; Hu, Danqi; Lu, Hai
    The benefits of specific risk-factor disclosures
    Review of Accounting Studies, 2016, 21(4), pg. 1005-1045

Research Publications

BI's publications are registered in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Top publications