Department of Law and Governance

The Department of Law and Governance has one of Norway’s largest academic communities within business law as well as a strong team of experts in corporate social responsibility, banking and insurance, political economy and climate strategy.

BI Norwegian Business School registers our scientific publications in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Below is a list of the most recent publications. Follow this link to Cristin to make an advanced search.



  • Rønning, Thomas & Bråthen, Gina (2022)
    HR-2021-2532-A. Arbeidsgivers trekk i lønn for påstått feilutbetaling (motregning). Tolkning av arbeidsavtale med klausul om lønnstrekk. Tilbakebetaling. Condictio indebiti. Dissens 4-1.
    Nytt i privatretten : nyhetsbrev for informasjon på det privatret, 24(1).
  • Sitter, Nick & Goldthau, Andreas (2022)
    The EU Green Deal and economic competitiveness
    Baltic Rim Economies.
  • Espeli, Harald (2022)
    The minimum wage regulations in the Act on Industrial Home Work 1918–1995
    Arbeiderhistorie, 36(1), p. 67-88. Doi: 10.18261/ARBEIDERHISTORIE.36.1.5
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  • Skjønberg, Alexander Sønderland (2022)
    Kommentarer til arbeidsmiljøloven kapittel 11, 14 og 16.
    Karnov lovkommentarer.
  • Innset, Ola (2022)
    Metahistory as Public History: On Introducing Metahistorical Perspectives in Events about Events
    History: The Journal of the Historical Association, p. 392-407. Doi: 10.1111/1468-229X.13265
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