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Let students create their own tests

Student activity leads to better learning. So why not let the students create tests for each other? Asking good questions requires in-depth understanding of the subject, and they are forced to find the key parts of the curriculum.

To get started:

  1. Create a dedicated folder in your itslearning course-room for Student tests.

  2. Click on the folder, and select "Manage folder permissions".

  3. Select "Who may add new elements to this folder"

  4. Select which participants may contribute to the folder, or check the top box to select all, and click on the "Add"-button.

  5. Click "Save".

  6. The students will receive an "Add"-button under the Student test folder. By choosing "Test", they can create a new test in the same way the lecturers do.


To help the students, it can be useful to divide the curriculum into topics that the students can choose from, preferably aligned with the course's learning outcomes and examination. This will strengthen the common thread through the course.

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