Learning Center


Most courses at BI use itslearning. The lecturer can publish content to students, administer work requirements and facilitate activities for students' self study.

The course rooms in itslearning are empty and unstructured, before the lecturers add their own content. There are some things that are recommended to make the room more inviting and easy to navigate for the students:

  • Use the course front page to publish bulletins, and link to resources in the course.
  • Create a structure under Resources to mirror the structure of the course.
  • Publish a short video or text with picture at the start of the course to welcome the students.
  • You can also use the Planner, and structure topics of resources, assignments and activities in groups. Contact LearningLab for more information.

Additionally, you can create tests where the students can check their own knowledge, publish videos to explain models, theories or calculations, or add links to online resources.


Important changes in the upgrade from classic to new version of itslearning:

  1. The top part of the left hand margin has been converted to tabs in each course room
  2. Course content (bottom part of the left hand margin) is moved to the Resources-tab.
  3. You can no longer add content text blocks to the course front page.


Here is itslearning's own video explaining the upgrade from the classic to new version: 



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