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We offer single modules that can be combined into "educational competence" (utdanningsfaglig kompetanse). To combine modules, you need to contact the Learning Centre first for guidance. Here you find a list of our modules. The modules will be offered on demand.

In an atmosphere of collegial peer feedback, you get to practice different aspects of the teacher role.

Peer feedback - course team

In this module the participants work together in course teams and provide feedback for each other. 

Peer feedback

In this module the focus is on peer feedback as a method for further developments as a lecturer. 

Quality in higher education

In this module we focus on the concept of "Quality in higher education" in a Norwegian context, and indicators of quality. The participants get to know policy documents in higher education. 

Teaching portfolio

Your educational competence needs to be documented, and in this module we guide you towards your teaching portfolio. 

Making sense of feedback

In this module we focus on feedback and its potentiality for student learning. Different approaches to feedback will be discussed. The participants work active and concrete with designing feedback activities in their own teaching. 

Formative and summative assessment

In this module we focus on different forms of assessment, how assessment and learning are related and different purposes of assessment. The participants work with different forms of assessment in their own courses and will be familiarized with different forms of assessment. 

Get to know teaching at BI 

In this module we observe different kinds of teaching at BI and discuss it with colleagues. 

Develop your course

You can develop your own course and reflect on this using pedagogical literature. If you do it together with a course team, this might count as two modules. Planning and design must be done together with a learning designer. 

Digital competence in higher education

In this module you learn how to use a digital tool with learning design and the use of pedagogical theory. 

Active learning and constructive alignment

In this module the focus is how to plan teaching, using active learning and constructive alignment. The participants work with their learning design in their own courss.

Student learning

In this module the focus is on the students perspective in teaching and learning. 

External modules

We can offer other modules on demand, and it is also possible to participate on courses offered by others. Please contact us to arrange this. 

If you want to attend any of the modules, contact us via help.bi.no