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Learning Center

The Learning Center is BI Norwegian Business School's resource center for teaching, learning and ICT.

educational competence

The Learning Center supports pedagogical development in a manner of ways. Educational competence is now required to teach in higher education as a means to strengthen quality of teaching and learning.  We help our faculty organize, document, and achieve this.

Our basic pedagogy course, Foundations of Teaching and Learning, is a 200-hour course that meets the national requirements for educational competence. This course is offered for new employees at BI, established lecturers working towards promotion, or those looking to grow pedagogically.

For employees with previous pedagogical background we provide consultation and an option of single modules to help meet these requirements.

BI employees can contact us through: help.bi.no

You can read more about the national guidelines for basic pedagogical competence. (only in Norwegian)

Foundations of Teaching and Learning at BI

"Foundations of Teaching and Learning at BI" is BI's basic pedagogical course, which complies to formal requirements for pedagogy in higher education (educational competence).

Single modules

All our modules can be a part of educational competence.

Teaching at BI

Teaching at BI is different than teaching at other universities or business schools. Even if you have teaching experience you are offered this program when you are new at BI.

Pedagogical development

You don't have to be new at teaching at BI to develop further as a lecturer. There are several possibilities for further development.