Learning Center

Pedagogical development

You don't have to be new at teaching at BI to develop further as a lecturer. There are several possibilities for further development. If you don't find what you need below, please contact us.

Observation and feedback on your teaching

No matter how good the scores are on the course evaluations, it is valuable to be observed while teaching on a regular basis and get feedback from a mentor or a colleague. The one who is observing can give feedback on everything from practicalities in the lecture hall, presentation skills and interaction with the students. If you need a mentor, you can ask LearningLab, or otherwise you can just ask a colleague. With a colleague, we recommend that you agree on what to observe before the session. Here you find an example for an observation form that can be used. You don't have to choose all the topics included. 

Develop a course

The learning designers can help you design a course based on constructive alignment principles, aligning learning goals with summative assessment and learning activities, and how to structure the course in itslearning. You can have one meeting or involve us in larger parts of the process. You are also welcome to discuss with us how to utilize digital tools to engage the students or implement learning activities in different learning settings.