BI Alumni, non-BI student, other externals

The library at BI Norwegian Business School is primarily for BI's students and employees. Study areas at the library are only for BI's students. If you are not affiliated with BI, you may purchase a one-day subscription to borrow books.

This is included in a one-day card

A one-day subscription entitles you to:

  • Borrow books for 14 days. Renew loans up to three times.
  • Short guidance.

Price of a one-day subscription

  • BI alumni or students from other institutions: 100 NOK
  • Other: 300 NOK

Guest network

Information about the guest network at BI Norwegian Business School and Eduroam.

Loan regulations for one-day subscribers

When borrowing books from the library, you accept the following regulations:

  1. Violation of the library regulations may deprive you of the right to borrow material from the library and make use of other library services.
  2. You are obliged to provide and update information such as name, e-mail address, private address, Norwegian address and telephone number.
  3. You are personally responsible for borrowed material.
  4. The loan period for books is 2 weeks. You may renew your loans 3 times if there is no waiting list.  Overdue books will incur fines until 150 NOK.
  5. Journals and newspapers are not for loan.
  6. If you lose or damage books replacement costs of 1000 NOK per book are charged, in addition to any overdue fees.