Research Administration Office

Externally funded research

The team for externally funded research works proactively to increase external funding of research at BI.

Team for externally funded research

The team for externally funded research is headed by Erlendur Helgason, PhD, and provides administrative support to researchers, departments and research centres in all phases of the application process. The Research Administration Office enters into research contracts on behalf of BI and must therefore be involved in all applications for external funding and all contract processes with research partners and sub-contractors. Collectively, the team has many years’ experience in both research and research administration, as well as experience working internationally, including with EU institutions.

The team supports and advises BI researchers in:  

  • Identifying relevant funding opportunities  
  • Developing project ideas and preparing proposals to funding bodies 
  • Preparing budgets for proposals 
  • Finding partners for new research partnerships and networks 
  • Contract negotiations 
  • Project start-up meetings 

Interested in collaborating with a BI researcher?

The team for externally funded research helps connect BI researchers with external research partners. If you are interested in collaborating with BI and would like help connecting with a relevant researcher, please contact research@bi.no.

Research projects

Ongoing projects

The team for externally funded research also follows up ongoing externally-funded research projects. BI's active externally-funded research projects are registered in the national research information database Cristin.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships 

The team for externally funded research plays an active role in recruiting and supporting external candidates interested in applying for a post-doctoral fellowship at BI under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) – Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme. Recruitment takes place on an annual basis.  

If you are interested in coming to BI to further your research as an MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow, please contact research@bi.no.