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Research Administration Office

BI's central administration for research support.

The Research Administration Office is BI's central administration for research support. The office has central administrative responsibility for externally funded research, and the BI PhD program. The office also coordinates BI's institutional academic memberships, acts as secretary to the Research Ethics Committee and the Ethical Review Board, provides bibliometric services and assistance with research evaluations, and provides support with issues regarding research data management.

Image of Anne Elisabeth Hagberg

Anne Elisabeth Hagberg

Director Research, Learning and Impact +4746410616


PhD enquiries: info@bi.no

Funding enquiries: research@bi.no

Handelshøyskolen BI
Nydalsveien 37
0484 Oslo

Switchboard: 46 41 00 00

Research Ethics

The Research Administration Office acts as secretary to both the Research Ethics Committee and the Ethics Review Board.

Bibliometrics / Research Evaluation

The Research Administration Office provides bibliometric services to the departments, research centres and researchers, and assists with internal or external research evaluations.

Research Data

We ensure appropriate and lawful research data management at BI, including establishing procedures for employees and students, and offering support for researchers, supervisors and students. We are the contact point for NSD and microdata.no