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Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

The Nordic Centre for Internet and Society is a globally-oriented research centre, dedicated to understanding the influence of new internet technologies on working life and society.


Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy

As new technologies develop, altering forms of collaboration between people and machines, many voices within the academic and professional spheres claim that these advances will trigger an era of accelerated innovation and disruption, comparable to the industrial revolution. Follow the link to the dedicated website.

Future ways of working in the digital economy

As digital labor markets continue to grow, transferring risks and costs onto workers, it is critical that the experience of the individual digital worker is re-prioritised as a focus within research and public discourse. Read more on the dedicated website. 

Artsformation: Mobilising the Arts for an Inclusive Digital Transformation

Through research, innovation and applied artistic methods this project aims to develop artists and citizens’ capacity to adapt in a digitalized world and be able to act as effective participants in their communities. Read more about the project. 

Participation, privacy and power in the sharing economy

With companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Taskrabbit, and Transferwise dominating the market, user numbers of sharing services have skyrocketed and expect to grow further, enabling ever new avenues of economic and social interaction to appear. Follow the link to the poject website.

Algorithmic accountability: Designing governance for responsible digital transformations

Decisions made by artificial intelligence systems are often implicit and invisible and they are linked to both intentional and unintentional consequences. This increasingly makes them objects of public concern and scrutiny. Follow the link to the project website. 

3AI: The triple partnership for responsible AI

3AI, the Triple Partnership for Responsible AI, brings together research institutions in Norway, the U.S. and Brazil to investigate how AI can be made fair, accountable and transparent. Read more on the dedicated website for the project.