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A Norwegian Study Guide

Chapter 2: Making Norwegian Friends

You might find that Norwegians are a little shy - but there are many venues and events around the country where you can make some local friends.

Norwegians are great at organising festivals and events where like-minded people get together to listen to music, eat food or do outdoor activities. Attending festivals and events around the country also allows you to explore the local nature and find new sights to see. 

Making Norwegian Friends

  • Øya

    Norwegians love their park life. During the summer you can attend several outdoor music festivals around the country. Øyafestivalen at Tøyen in Oslo is one of the largest, where you get the chance to find friends that share your taste in music, food and beer.


    Photo credit: VISITOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

  • Musikkfest Oslo

    A day where you get to experience music outside, free of charge. It's usually held in the beginning of June. You get to listen to a mix of well-known and up-and-coming artist on stages all around Oslo's city centre. More about Musikkfest Oslo here.


    Photo credit: VISITOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

  • Tourist in your own city

    An annual event arranged by Visit Oslo and Oslo municipality in partnership with museums, attractions and Ruter (the local transportation agency). Everyone in Oslo is invited to experience Oslo for free. Tourist in your own city is a unique possibility to visit attractions and experience the city together with Oslo's citizens.


    Photo credit: VISITOSLO/Tord Baklund

  • Vinjerock

    A rock and outdoor festival 1060 meters above sea level at Eidsbugarden in Jotunheimen. Bring hiking gear and get the ultimate Vinjerock combo where you can listen to great music and meet locals who can take you hiking in the mountains around the festival area.


    Photo credit: Vinjerock/Andreas Andersson

  • Ekstremsportveko på Voss

    A festival that mixes sports, music and culture in the beautiful and exotic town of Voss. During Ekstremsportveko, participants compete in various branches of extreme sports, or just enjoy the concerts. Organized activities makes this a great place to meet new people and learn new things.


    Photo credit: Ekstremsportveko/John Vint

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