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Student life is a lot more than lectures and auditoriums. It can be the best, most challenging, stressful, and rewarding period of your life. You will meet new people, find new interests, and develop yourself both socially and academically.

Life as a student can be both exciting and exhausting. It might seem overwhelming at first, and there is a lot of information to take in.

We understand that it can be difficult to imagine what student life in Norway might look like. To help you out, we've created this guide based on experiences from our current international students.

You might be surprised, you might be amused, but most of all we hope that you will become excited to learn more about living in Norway as a student.

Academic events
BI Student Organisation
Health and wellness

Making Norwegian friends

Academic Events

Both the Student Organisation and units at BI arrange several academic events throughout the year. 


There are many events and opportunities available through BI Student Organisation (BISO).

Being an active student at BI means getting involved in the student union. As an active student, you will meet people outside your class and regular social group. You can build a large network of friends and contacts, and use your new knowledge in practical situations.

You will also get more opportunities to engage with potential employers. In short: By being an active member of the student organisation, you will enrich your student life!

Read more about the student organisation on BISO Oslo's pages


  • Fadderullan

    Fadderullan is the name of the Buddy Week at BI Norwegian Business School, and is arranged is close cooperation with BISO. The purpose of Fadderullan is to give new students a great start to the student life by giving them a welcome they'll never forget. Read more at Fadderullan's website.

  • International Students Association

    InSA arranges various social activities for BI students. Join their excursions, movie nights, parties, sightseeing in Oslo and other events to get to know your fellow students. 

  • Student pub

    The on-campus student pub "Kroa" is an important part of the social life at BI. Prices are student-friendly, and there are regular events such as stand-up comedy, quizzes, mini concerts, and live soccer matches on TV.

  • Recruitment Days

    Arranged twice a year, this event is a great way to learn more about the different societies, academic associations, projects and staff functions in the Student Union on campus. This is your chance to get involved! 

  • Revue

    BI's revue is an annual performance by volunteer students. If you enjoy being on stage, or helping out with a big production, you will love being part of this hilarious and often irreverent event!

  • Student charity drive

    Throughout the year, BISO Charity collects money for a charity that builds school for impoverished children. The main charity drive is a campus-wide event, where you can help collect money and participate in fundraising sports competitions.

  • Bergensbaneløpet

    This annual relay race is an epic, ongoing battle between BI Norwegian Business School and the Norwegian School of Economics, located in Bergen. The race spans more than 100 relays and takes students across the mountains from Oslo to Bergen.

  • The BISO Ball

    An annual formal ball for members of the student organisation. Expect a spectacular show, an exclusive dinner, drinks, speeches and awards.

Health and wellness

In order to succeed in your studies, you need certain things. SiO and BI offers a wide range of health and counselling services.