My journey to BI

My Journey to BI: From Berlin to Norway

BI Norwegian Business School provides more than just an education; it offers the opportunity to get settled in Norway.

Name:  Felix Stahn
Home Country: Germany
Current study programme: Bachelor of Business Administration

My name is Felix Stahn and I am currently in the first year of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme. I grew up around Berlin, Germany.

When I first heard about BI, I was still in secondary school and visiting a friend in Norway. Back then, I met many people who had siblings studying at BI or planned to do so themselves. A few years later, I found myself at the same point, trying to decide where to study.

Why Norway?

Fast forward a few years, and now here I was at that point in life, where I had to make the decision that would form the starting point for my life ahead. As someone who wanted to study in English and simultaneously learn a new language, I knew I had to go abroad. Having been to Norway previously, I had already had little experience with the culture and breath-taking landscapes it has to offer. Studying here serves as a gateway to Norway, a truly unique country.

So, reliving my decision now, BI was the place that allowed me to combine my academic and social aspirations.Norway

Join Fadderullan – Orientation

As a new student at BI, I participated in ‘Fadderullan’, a week-long orientation program for incoming students organized by the BI Student Organization (BISO). It involved various social and cultural activities like parties and sightseeing tours to help new students become familiar with the campus environment and make new friends. 

Fadderullan was a great opportunity to meet new people from all over, and I believe it's an awesome way to get to know people before the start of the semester. I met most of my friends at BI during Fadderullan, and whenever I look back at that week, I remember some great stories. Therefore, I strongly recommend participating in it.

View of Oslo at night

Learning Norwegian may seem like a big hurdle, but it is worth it. 

Although almost every Norwegian speaks English, they are not as comfortable speaking it as they are speaking Norwegian. So, if you want to connect with Norwegians on a deeper level and create meaningful relationships, it is worth learning the language. 

Furthermore, learning Norwegian can help you in your career as many jobs in Norway require some level of proficiency in the language. So, if you plan to stay in Norway after your studies, investing time and effort in learning Norwegian is important. 

One of the best ways to start learning Norwegian is to attend language courses. BI offers Norwegian language courses up to the C2 level that can help you develop your language skills. A way that helps me to learn the language is by listening to Norwegians or watching Norwegian television. Immersing yourself in the language can help you understand its nuances and improve your understanding. 

Nature in Norway

Best decision for me

Deciding where to study can be daunting, but I can honestly say that BI was the best decision for me. I hope that sharing my story has given you a better understanding of the opportunities available at BI and what the first weeks could look like for you. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best for your future!