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Would you like to learn more about what it’s like to be a student at BI? Here some of our current students share their own experiences, so you can gain insight into what life at BI could be for you!

Weekly Podcast

Life at BI

Are you an international student wishing to study at BI Norwegian Business School? Then this podcast series is right for you! Our podcasts are hosted by Anastasiia, one of our international students.

  • Life as an Applied Economics student

    Being among the first group of students attending Applied Economics classes at master level I knew that I’ll experience things that no one had experienced before.

  • How to live a sustainable life in Oslo: Food

    Green food and recycling is a high sustainability priority in Norway, and Oslo is no exception. This article may help you start your sustainable journey!

  • How to live a sustainable life in Oslo: Transportation

    The public transportation system in Oslo is the best way to get around the city, and best of all - it's good for the environment.

  • Life in Bergen

    BI has given the chance to start my journey in Europe with International Scholarship – Bergen.

  • Careers of the Future: Business Analytics

    First year MSc students, Raha Golamini from Iran and Jose Luis Sanchez from Mexico, share their experiences from MSc in Business Analytics.

  • Choosing a Business School: What should you consider?

    What does a russian student and a vietnamese student have in common? They both chose BI.

  • Oslo Coffee Culture

    People from all parts of the world celebrate the drink that brings energy, focus, and warmth – coffee.

  • Why Norway?

    Perspective of a Venezuelan Finance Student

  • From India to Norway

    Joining BI Norwegian Business School, the premier institute of Europe was a dream come true for me.

Stand out, Go North

Weekend hikes in Oslo

Take a break from studying with these beautiful hikes around Oslo.

  • Budget tips for students

    Tips to help you save some money but still enjoy life as a student.

  • The University of Münster Case Competition

    Ever-growing interest in Case Competitions should not surprise anyone as they provide one of the best opportunities for students to grow and reach for the stars.

  • From Sweden to Norway

    My name is Madeleine Hjelmstierna and I’m currently in my first year of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme.

  • NHH International Case Competition

    Meet Team Lefta Consulting, the team that represented BI in the 2019 NHH International Case Competition.

  • From Hanoi to Bergen

    From National Economics University in Hanoi to BI Norwegian Business School in Bergen - seeking new experiences halfway across the globe.

  • Christmas on Campus

    December is finally here, and although exams are in full swing, BI students have still found time to celebrate the holidays around campus.