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Would you like to learn more about what it’s like to be a student at BI? Here some of our current students share their own experiences, so you can gain insight into what life at BI could be for you!

  • FAQ: Master's programme at BI

    Do you have any questions regarding the BI master's degree? This FAQ will give you some answers!

  • Dream big, go bigger

    Ever since I arrived in Norway, a lot of self-reflection led me to discover new things about myself. I’m actually a better cook than I thought, and yoga is my new favorite way of relaxing and concentrating.

  • A real story on making the right decision

    The world is changing rapidly nowadays, and more and more data is coming. That's why I believe skills in analysing data effectively are important.

  • Vietnamese Culture Shock

    Welcome to Norway! Today we will shock you with some fun facts about life in Norway through the eyes of international students like us.

  • Explore the world as a QTEM student

    Apart from soaking in everything each destination has to offer, there is the human aspect that underpins the power of the QTEM network.

  • Choosing Business Analytics

    One of the best advantages of this program is that during the third semester we have three options: we can get an internship, work on a consultancy project, or pursue a research assistant position.

  • Norwegian nature, people and learning culture

    When you arrive Oslo, the first thing you will notice is the great nature that surrounds the city and how it impacts the daily life of the citizens.

  • Language barriers and job opportunities

    Before coming to Norway and BI, I was particularly concerned about two things, the language barrier and part-time job opportunities as an international student.

  • From USA to Norway

    I knew I was going to have to put in some extra effort to make Norwegian friends because it takes a little longer with them to form friendships. Now I can say that my Norwegian friendships are some of the deepest ones I have!

  • The Secret Life of Norwegians: A Memoir

    Norwegians are very private, and being the chatty, extrovert American that I am, I often find myself wondering if I’ve overshared.

  • Norway: Myth or Country?

    Norway, to me, was just this far-away, cold, tundra-like country that people often mistook for the capital of Sweden or a place only worthy of Norse mythology. Now? Norway is home.

  • QTEM Experience and Life in Warwick

    I chose to study at Warwick Business School for my QTEM exchange since Warwick has a great academic atmosphere, international background and accessible resources.

  • From Bangkok to Oslo

    BI has offered one of the most generous scholarships, among the top universities, Moreover, studying in Norway has been one of my dreams.

  • From BBA to MSc

    Marko Radman completed the Bachelor of Business Administration programme with a specialization in Finance in 2016. He continued his journey at BI with a MSc in Finance.

  • Living Cost in Bergen

    How much does student housing cost? How much do I need to live in Bergen? How much do I need to pay for gym, phone and public transportation? If you also have these questions, this article is for you!

  • Choosing a Bachelor in Business Analytics

    For all future students in doubt, I would strongly recommend to apply to Business Analytics program. You will help your future career with one of the most sought after majors in Norway!

  • Choosing Entrepreneurship

    Last year, I was looking for opportunities outside Mexico to study a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and I can say that BI’s program was everything I expected in one.

  • Life as an Applied Economics student

    Being among the first group of students attending Applied Economics classes at master level I knew that I’ll experience things that no one had experienced before.

  • Budget tips for students

    Tips to help you save some money but still enjoy life as a student.

  • The University of Münster Case Competition

    Ever-growing interest in Case Competitions should not surprise anyone as they provide one of the best opportunities for students to grow and reach for the stars.

  • From Sweden to Norway

    My name is Madeleine Hjelmstierna and I’m currently in my first year of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme.

  • NHH International Case Competition

    Meet Team Lefta Consulting, the team that represented BI in the 2019 NHH International Case Competition.

  • Christmas on Campus

    December is finally here, and although exams are in full swing, BI students have still found time to celebrate the holidays around campus.

  • Education System at BI

    Here are some practical guidelines to better prepare you for BI’s education system.

  • From IB to BBA

    How can Game of Thrones motivate you to study at BI Norwegian Business School? Jahanvi Ahuja got the answer.

  • From USA to Norway

    From University of Oklahoma to MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at BI. This is Meagan's journey.

  • Class of 2019 Bachelor Graduation

    Thursday 17 October Class of 2019 could celebrate the completion of their Bachelor's degree!

  • Lanuages of Norway

    Did you know there are five different types of languages practiced in Norway? And did you know Norwegians ranks fourth in the world in English proficiency?

  • Career Week 2019 at BI Oslo

    The Career Week (Karrieredagene) is an annual event organized in order to get prospective graduates and students familiar with Norwegian job market.

  • From Peru to Norway

    Eliana has a Bachelor's degree from Peru, and chose to continue her education with a Master's degree from BI.

  • First Day in Oslo

    Do you know how to get to the city center from Oslo Airport? Do you know where to pick up your key or where to buy food and small supplies? Read this post to make your first day Oslo easier!

  • Activities in Oslo

    Norway’s vibrant capital is not just a good place to study with all its excellent educational institutions but also well known for its numerous outdoor activities.

  • From Ukraine to Norway

    Vladyslav has a Bachelor's degree in Economics, and has come to Norway to study MSc in Quantitative Finance at BI.

  • From Kiev to Oslo

    Since BI is one of the top business schools in Europe, I decided that it will support me to continue my studies at a decently high level, which is competitive among other universities.

  • What to bring to Oslo

    Three of our international MSc students want to give you some smart advice in advance of your stay in Norway.

  • From China to Norway

    Lening Wang travelled all the way from China to Norway to start her Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • From Vietnam to Norway

    The journey from Vietnam to Norway was not just easy for Huyen Tran. This is her story.

  • From Russia to Norway

    My career goal is to be the best at my job. For now, it doesn’t really matter which sphere it is – I am going to do the best I can and even more wherever I am.

  • Study Permit: Citizens from outside of EU/EEA

    If you are a citizen from outside of EU/EEA there are some formalities that needs to be in order prior of moving to Norway for studies.

  • From Mexico to Norway

    The scariest thing about moving away from home was moving out from comfort zone and jumping into the unknown. I took the risk and decided to go North!

  • From Thailand to Norway

    I was so inspired to come here. I expected that BI would give me the most incredible experience ever, both academic and socially. And it haven't disappointed me at all.

  • From Italy to Norway

    I decided to go to BI because I am sure that the education I will be given here will be fundamental for my future career.

  • 3 Best Pieces of Advice for new Master Students

    Maximino gives you his three best pieces of advice that will make your first semester, and hopefully your whole Master’s degree, a smoother experience.

  • Internship in Norway: Five Tips to Boost your Application

    Here you can check the best five tips from the workshop and boost your application for internship in Norway.

  • From Canada to Norway

    I believe this will help my career by allowing me to stand out among other applicants in the future. It is not every day that you meet people who have studied abroad and specifically in Norway.

  • May in Norway - A Month with Three Holidays

    May is the exam period for our students, but there is still much you can look forward to!

  • From Romania, via Germany, to Norway

    Calin has been studying in Oslo before, and felt so much at home that he decided to come back.

  • From Portugal to Norway

    I believe studying at BI Norwegian Business School will help my future by giving me a great knowledge foundation.

  • Life at Kringsjå and BSN

    Vladimir Khachaturov and Yelyzateva Dovhinka share their experiences on living in two of the most popular student housings in Oslo.

  • From Germany to Norway

    I decided to go to BI because of the country where it is in (Norway), my positive experiences during BI International Summer School, the wish to study abroad and the super good Master programs.

  • Student Housing in Oslo 2019

    We know that it might be hard to find accommodation in a different city being a student. Therefore, we did some research and made a practical guideline for you.

  • Living Cost in Oslo

    How much does student housing cost? How much do I need to live in Norway? How much do I need to pay for gym, phone and public transportation? If you also have these questions, this article is for you!

  • "Why Oslo" event - a Night in the City Hall

    On January 23, 2019 the City Government of Oslo held a student reception in the City Hall for internationals students from BI Norwegian Business School, University of Oslo and Oslo Metropolitan University.

  • BIICC 2019

    BI International Case Competition 2019 invites prestigious schools from all over the world to compete in solving a real business case, provided by one of our strategic partners.

  • My first working experience in Norway

    Daria Stranadko landed her first job in Norway shortly after starting her studies at BI.

  • Top 3 Hikes in Norway

    Deep fjords, eternal mountains, sudden cliffs, huge trees, colorful autumns — you name it, you got it. Here's three must-do hikes in Norway.

  • Class of 2018 MSc Graduation

    Graduation day where students from across the globe shine.

  • Bergen - Where Businesses Welcome BI Students

    What is unique about Norway? How is Norwegian companies and their business approaches different from other countries’ companies? In what ways they are similar?

  • Everything you need to know about scholarships for master

    Are you are considering to apply for a master programme at the #1 business school in Norway? This blog post will answer some of the most common questions about scholarships available at BI.

  • Everything you need to know about scholarships for bachelor

    Are you are considering to apply for a bachelor programme at the #1 business school in Norway? This blog post will answer some of the most common questions about scholarships available at BI.

  • Secure your seat in our bachelor programmes

    Not sure what you need to apply for our bachelor programmes? This article gives you an overview of what you should keep in mind and what documents you need to make your application successful.

  • Are you ready to Go North for your master's?

    This article highlights the 4 most important aspects to make your master's application successful.