Life in Norway

Islands hopping in the Summer

One of the summer activities that you must do in Oslo is island hopping to explore the nature on these islands.

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Summer weather in Oslo is super nice. It’s not too hot or too windy so it is the perfect time to go out to have a picnic and explore Oslo’s nature. Besides parks and mountains, Oslo also has over 10 islands that you can go to (which is included in your monthly public transportation ticket with Ruter) and spend time with your friends.

How to go to these islands

To go to these different islands, you must go to the port that is Anker Brygge. Here they have different ferries that you can take, but I would recommend B1 and B2 since those only go in Zone 1 (covered by your monthly travel pass). 

Each ferry will come after half an hour, however, since there are no designated seats, I would recommend queuing up as early as possible to get a seat on the deck, where you can enjoy the air and see the view of the islands nearby. You can check the time that it takes to go to these islands by the app Ruter or the signs that they have at the ferry stop.

Ferry in Oslo

To go back to Oslo, it is pretty much the same way as how you come to these islands. Each ferry will depart every 30 minutes, and they will arrive back in Oslo according to their route. Just make sure that you check the time for the final ferry or else you will get stuck on the islands until the morning.

What to do on these islands

Here are the two lines of the ferries B1 and B2.

Line B1: Hovedøya > Bleikøya > Gressholmen > Lindøya øst > Lindøya vest > Nakholmen > Hovedøya (all year)

Line B2: Hovedøya > Lindøya vest > Nakholmen > Hovedøya (June-August)

On the first island, which is called Hovedøya, there is a beach that you can go to, which is very nice and clean as well. Here you can also bring a picnic basket with you to set up a nice picnic day with your friends. There are also sheep, ducks, and goats on this island, so don’t be surprised when you bump into one during your exploration. 


The other islands are pretty similar to each other. Most of them are small villages with nature surrounding them. Yyu can visit these islands to see the small and comfy houses that are here, along with nature you can explore and take a walk with your friends. 


You can see more details about islands hopping on our TikTok channel!