Life in Norway

Going for walks

Whether the snow is falling, or the sun is shining, you won’t regret going for a walk....

Name: Floor Steinebach
Home country: Netherlands
Previous degrees: BSc in International Business; MSc in Marketing Management
Current study program: MSc in Digital Communication Management

Norway is well-known for its beautiful nature and landscapes. Personally, I love nature and going for walks. I’ve walked several routes in different weather conditions in Oslo now. So, I would like to give some recommendations of places/routes that I enjoy and that you can visit year-round when you are in Oslo. 

Stretching your legs at Maridalsvannet

Maridalsvannet is the largest lake of the Oslo region. It’s the lake where Oslo receives its drinking water from. You can walk around the lake or choose to walk part of the track on the Eastern side of the lake. The forest and water in the landscape make it a beautiful area. When I come here for a walk, it feels very peaceful. For me, it feels like a place to rewind, put some music on, listen to a podcast or audiobooks, talk with friends, or simply justto  listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy what the environment has to offer.


Walking around Sognsvann

Whether the snow is falling, or the sun is shining, you won’t regret going for a walk at Sognsvann. Sognsvann is a lake located in the Northern part of Oslo. If you feel like going for a laid-back stroll, then this is the place to go because it is only approximately 3.3km. Sognsvann is also a nice place to take pictures, do a photoshoot, have a picnic, or a read a book. In the winter, don’t be surprised to see many people walking with ski equipment. This is very common because the area around Sognsvann has several tracks for cross-country skiing!


Following the river (Akerselva) down to the city center

Akerselva is a river starting at Maridalsvannet. It flows all through the city of Oslo. From BI, it takes around 1 hour to get to Jernbarnetorget when you walk along the river. On the way, you’ll see parks, waterfalls, bridges, and cute restaurants. It is a great way to get to know Oslo and its diverse areas such as Nydalen and Grünnerløkka. In summer and spring, I like to walk down the river and have a drink or food with friends in the sun. This is also quite nice to do in the evenings when catching the last sunrays of the day can give you such a good feeling!