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From Classroom to the 2030 Startup Lab Summit: An unforgettable day of my internship

In the vast arena of startups and innovations, it's not rivalry but collaboration that drives progress.

Name: Yulin Tian
Home Country: China
Current Study Programme at BI: Bachelor of Data Science for Business

“As the mountains are always there, we can successfully climb them, so nothing is impossible. Just like the innovative project you're working on – if you truly believe and persist, you'll make it a reality." – said Kristin Harila, the world record-holder for a Norwegian women's fastest ascent of Mount Everest. Her words perfectly frame the narrative of an extraordinary day I wish to recount.

As a third-year student enrolled in the BI-Internship Course, I have embarked on a professional exploration and found my niche at Völur, a rapidly growing startup headquartered in Norway's largest tech hub, Forskningsparken’s Startup Lab in Oslo. 

Leveraging AI For a Sustainable Meat Industry

Völur blends AI sophistication with the traditional meat sector, optimizing supply, demand, and sustainability through profound technical insight. As a B2B Marketing Intern, my role revolved around harnessing market research, data analytics, and strategic insights to refine our market positioning and amplify Völur's transformative impact on the industry.

Startup Lab and the 2030 Startup Lab Summit: A Beacon of Norwegian Innovation

Forskningsparken in Oslo

Startup Lab, established in 2012, has supported over 400 tech startups, providing both capital and global industry connections. Its commitment to innovation comes to life during the 2030 Startuplab Summit, a highlight of Oslo Innovation Week. As the global urgency for sustainable solutions amplifies, Norway shines by integrating technological advances with sustainability. The summit showcases groundbreaking tech solutions, echoing Oslo Innovation Week's ethos of bold entrepreneurship and collaboration. 

Representing Völur at this pivotal event was an enriching experience for both me and my colleagues.

Morning Highlights: The Pioneers Share Their Perspectives

Startup Lab

As the sun peeked over the Oslo skyline, the atmosphere at Startup Lab was palpably electric. The morning commenced with awe-inspiring presentations. 

Notable speakers, such as Kristin Harila and Richard Youngman, shared their insights, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable tech solutions and the role of entrepreneurship in this movement.

Spotlight on Startups: The Pitch Session Takes Centre Stage

Following the insightful presentations, it was time for the much-anticipated pitch session. 

Cleantech startups from various corners of Norway ascended the stage, embodying the very essence of innovation. 

Entrepreneurs showcased their revolutionary ideas, aiming to capture the interest of global investors and prospective collaborators. 

The range of pitches spanned from intricate technical solutions to overarching visionary concepts, all unified by one commitment: forging a sustainable future. 

And, of course, when it was Völur's turn to pitch, I felt an immense sense of pride and exhilaration from within.

Völur company pitching

The Völur Stand: An Intersection of Innovation and Interaction

Post the pitches, I represented Völur at our stand. For me, the stand was more than just a booth: it symbolized the merger of my academic insights with real-world meat industry challenges, enhanced by AI. 

It was exhilarating to see venture investors and journalists approach with curiosity. Their queries ranged from our technological underpinnings to our vision for a sustainable meat industry. Interacting with them, sharing our mission, and noting their feedback was an enlightening experience. 

This moment marked a pivot in my journey: from academia to tangible professional engagement.

Embracing the Spirit of Collaboration

As the day neared its conclusion, A pivotal takeaway etched itself into my memory from a mentor: "Even though there are numerous company stands here today, remember, there is no competition at Startup Lab. Only innovation, collaboration, and mutual support." These words, echoing the guiding principles of my professional journey. 

In the vast arena of startups and innovations, it's not rivalry but collaboration that drives progress, fostering a collective ambition to make the world toward a shared vision of a better tomorrow.