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Internship Application Tips for International Students

Did you know that BI provides career coaching services to its students?

Full name: Kris Taylor Larsen
Home country: Minnesota, USA
Previous university: Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea
Previous studies: BA Global Communication / Business
Study programme at BI: MSc in Strategic Marketing Management

If you are an international student at BI looking for an internship, I understand what you are going through and how you feel about the whole process. 

“I don’t know much about Norwegian companies...” 
“Am I going to get an internship that I want even though I don’t speak Norwegian...?” 
“The whole process is too overwhelming, so I don’t know where to start...”

As an international student at BI, I want to share some general tips from my experience of securing an internship at Norsk Hydro!

Tip 1. You’ve already got what it takes!

Everyone’s experience can be very different because we all have different backgrounds and skill sets, making everyone unique. Even though international students might not be fluent in Norwegian, we all have different language abilities and unique skill sets. Also, we can provide a diverse and creative perspective to organizations in Norway! So many organizations are looking for interns, part-time, and full-time positions with an international background.

Portrait of a male student at BI

Tip 2. You are not alone!

As mentioned above, you already have what you need to secure an internship in Norway. 

Now, you need to learn how to present yourself more effectively to employers! 

Did you know that BI provides career coaching services to its students? BI Jobb og Karriere is always there for its students! The career center has multiple highly experienced career advisors, and they can give you the most tailored pieces of advice that fit you the most. All you have to do is book an appointment when you are free, and you will have 1:1 career coaching that will take you closer to your dream internship! Career Fair at BI

Tip 3. Show them your true passion and sincerity!

Tailoring a resume and a cover letter to each organization increases the probability of getting an interview opportunity from the organization so much more than just sending the same resume and cover letter to all organizations. 

Employers will feel you are more serious about the job when you demonstrate you know about the position, the organization, and that you know how you are the best fit. Show these to employers through your resume, cover letter, and your attitude during the interview!Girls sitting around a table and talking

Tip 4. Don’t let it discourage you!

Just like applying for a full-time position, applying for an internship requires patience and tenacity. Sending your application to many companies that interest you is a necessary step. Not getting an interview opportunity can happen often. However, NEVER let it discourage you! I can promise you that many organizations are looking for international students like us.