Student life at BI

Summer School at BI

….Oslo is also perfectly situated to travel throughout Norway and Europe. Every weekend I was somewhere new…

Name: Jenni K. Ryan
Home country: USA
Academic Experience at BI: Summer School, Summer 2018
Previous studies: Bachelor of Business Administration
Current study programme at BI: MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

When people ask about my summer semester, I don't just talk about textbooks and exams. I talk about island hopping and hiking adventures, cultural and professional explorations, and the unique blend of academia and fun that BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo offers.



A Norwegian summer is an unforgettable experience, and I will always be glad I chose BI Norwegian Business School for my summer semester abroad. In the summer of 2018, I began a transformative academic journey at BI Norwegian Business Summer School. The course I attended, Intercultural Management: A Scandinavian Perspective, delved into the intricacies of cultural differences and the unique Scandinavian management model and provided me with invaluable insights that continue to shape my perspective on global business today. 

My time in Norway wasn’t spent only in the classroom as BI had arranged for us a myriad of activities and suggestions to help us have a fulfilling, memorable trip. We were led on multiple excursions by a team at BI that showed us all of the wonderful things about Oslo from city tours to scenic hiking trips. I also valued the additional opportunities such as the Norwegian class and tours of Norway’s top companies such as Telenor and Vinmonopolet that taught me a lot about the Scandinavian work culture. 


Outside of BI, Norway in the summer is characterised by its long, sunny days, festivals, and exploring the many trails and parks. I enjoyed island hopping and swimming in the fjords where some days I would barely realise it was already almost midnight because the day would go by so quickly and the sun was high in the ski so late! There were also an endless number of events to enjoy from concerts to festivals that filled every day with new things to try. 

If these already weren’t enough options, Oslo is also perfectly situated to travel throughout Norway and Europe. Every weekend I was somewhere new, and one of my favourite destinations was Bergen where I got to see the iconic harbour, hike mountains, browse artisanal shops, and visit a bar completely made of ice! 


Overall, my summer semester in Norway was a pivotal moment that significantly influenced my decision to complete my education at the BI Norwegian Business School. The memories of that summer, the knowledge gained, and the friendships formed continue to inspire and guide me on my academic and professional journey.

Note: please visit the BI Summer School website to see what courses are being offered this summer.