Student life at BI

From Bergen to Frankfurt: BI Bergen Launched My PhD Journey

My name is Cevher and I am currently studying for my Master's degree at BI Bergen. I am writing this special article to share my journey about moving forward to start my PhD adventure at Frankfurt School.

My Master’s Program at BI Bergen

Bergen, a beautiful place in Norway, filled with mountains and fjords, is also the home of BI Bergen. As I started my Master’s journey here, I found myself admiring not just the beauty of the place but also the quality of education at the institute. Enrollment at BI Bergen turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. The program pushed me to evolve, both academically and personally, and to strive towards my ambitions. The curriculum at BI Bergen provided thorough background understanding, practical knowledge, and a focus on real world applications. The professors were helpful and they encouraged us to think creatively. We learned from their experiences and explored new ideas under their guidance. This friendly environment helped me to grow as a student.

Image of Bergen

Onto Frankfurt School

After all the amazing experiences I had at BI Bergen, I feel completely ready to dive headfirst into the exciting world of research at Frankfurt School. I can't wait to keep learning, contribute my own ideas, and really dig deep into my field. But let me tell you, the lessons I learned in Bergen are definitely coming with me. The professors there instilled in me some rock solid principles and ways of thinking that will be invaluable as I navigate the complexities of research. Thanks to that str ong foundation, I feel more than ready to deal with this new challenge!

Image of Frankfurt

For Future Students

BI Bergen isn't a one size fits all kind of place. Whether you're itching to jump right into a cool job aftergraduation or, like me, you're obsessed with research, they've got you covered. Their curriculum covers aton of ground, and you get tons of chances to network with professionals. Plus, they strike a perfect balance between theory and real world stuff, which is exactly what you need to hit the ground running after graduation.

Look, if you're wondering where to launch yourself towards your dream career, BI Bergen is a fantastic option. It was the springboard I needed, and I have a feeling it could be the same for you. So, trust your gut, keep pushing yourself, and never stop learning that's the key to success, no matter what path you choose.