Student life at BI

My experience at the Shipping Society at BI Oslo

I would highly recommend joining a student organization to expand your horizons and explore different career paths.

Name: Jowita Joanna Cieslak
Home country: Poland
Current Study Programme at BI: Bachelor of Business Administration

As a student, finding ways to explore your future career options can be challenging. However, joining a student organization can provide you with valuable experiences and insights that can help you make informed decisions about your future 

One such organization that has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities is the Shipping Society. The Shipping Society is a student association based in BI Oslo, and even though it is primarily made up of Norwegian students,it is also very welcoming towards students from other nationalities. 

The organization is focused on providing its members with a deep understanding of the maritime industry through regular meetings with companies and social activities. One of the most significant benefits of being a member of the Shipping Society is the opportunity to interact with various maritime companies. The society organizes meetings with companies every month, where members can learn about the industry, the companies' operations, and the job opportunities available in the sector. 

Presentation at the Shipping Society at BI Oslo

These meetings have given me a rare insight into the workings of the maritime industry, and the different career paths available to me. I strongly believe that all of those meetings are also incredibly fun as the people that show us the companies try to answer all of our questions AND make us feel less scared about the industry. 

It is always truly refreshing to hear that both the company as well as the entire industry are open towards students from all over the world.

Apart from the professional aspect, the Shipping Society also provides members with many social activities. From trips around Europe to parties and dinners, the society has helped me make friends and feel at home in Norway. As an international student, the society's welcoming nature has helped me integrate into Norwegian culture and learn the language. 

Another benefit of being a member of the Shipping Society is that it has given me an idea of who I want to be in the future. Before joining the society, I quite an extensive knowledge about the maritime industry but it has definitely expanded through the activities in the society. 

The meetings with companies and other activities, have allowed me to gain valuable insights into different career paths and the skills required for success in the industry. The Shipping Society has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and what I need to work on to achieve my career goals. 

Students at the Shipping Society at BI Oslo

Finally, being a member of the Shipping Society has helped me with learning Norwegian. As the society is primarily made up of Norwegians, I have had many opportunities to practice the language and interact with native speakers. This has helped me improve my language skills and better assimilate with Norwegian culture. 

In conclusion, joining a student organization such as the Shipping Society can provide you with invaluable experiences and opportunities. The society's focus on the maritime industry, combined with its social activities, has given me a well-rounded perspective of life in Norway and the career opportunities available in the maritime industry. 

I would highly recommend joining a student organization to anyone looking to expand their horizons and explore different career paths.