Found his dream job through BI’s internship

A ten-week internship with the Katapult investment fund became a permanent job and the start of a new chapter.

Humberto Trevino takes us out to the terrace on the seventeenth floor in downtown Oslo. Here he works as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Manager for Katapult, the impact investing fund considered to be one of the world leaders in AI in its sector, and which has invested in almost 140 tech companies with a distinct social and climate impact.

He got the job after proving himself over ten weeks as an intern in the master’s programme in Business Analytics at BI.

Picture of Humberto looking into the camera

This seemed like a dream

“If you’d told me three years ago that I’d be living the life I have now in 2023, I wouldn’t believe you. It seemed like a dream where I was as CCO in Mexico City,” Humberto says.

He was happy with the job and was successful in the management team of a large, private education company. But with a Norwegian wife and a small child, after 16 years in Mexico, they decided to move to Norway. Many would probably have tried to find work as quickly as possible and chosen to take the master’s degree part-time, but Humberto is pleased he chose a different route.

“I was curious about data science and AI and recognised that I could acquire a unique advantage by immersing myself in this field. I also wanted to study at a reputable school with roots in the Norwegian business community. This resulted in full-time studies at BI and a master’s degree in data analytics. This was the right move,” Humberto concludes.

Manages a team of five

Up here on the seventeenth floor of the climate-friendly Rebel office building, he heads a team of four who develop Katapult’s AI and data analysis capacity, which includes two former interns BI working part-time while completing their master’s degrees.

Two years ago it was he who was the intern.

“In practice, an internship is a ten-week job interview, and I applied for internships to find a company I wanted to work for. I found Katapult through BI’s list of relevant internship companies, and I loved their mission. It was a perfect match for my values,” Humberto says.

Got a permanent job just after the internship period

“We were three interns from BI who were looking for a way to measure the impact of the Katapult Ocean Fund and were given free rein. The result was so good that the solution became the basis for impact measurement in the entire company. This is just one example that you as an intern from BI have every opportunity to contribute valuable work where you are.”

In addition to being successful as an intern, Humberto had a unique background: He already had management experience as a CCO, knowledge of coding and up-to-date knowledge of AI, not least from his master’s degree in Business Analytics. The investment fund quickly recognised that they needed this expertise, and offered him a permanent position.

Now he has a bright view of the future, where he combines family life with exciting and meaningful tasks in a field developing at an unprecedented pace.