What can I do with my degree?

Creates weather forecast for medical supplies

When you are at the pharmacy and need medication, Maria Brown has calculated the production of exactly what you are looking for - up to three years in advance.

Maria Brown

Position: Demand Planner

Employer: Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK)

MSc in Business - major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

“I had previously studied at a university abroad and there was a lot of group work. At BI, there were lectures that are more theoretical and hard work. The studies at BI prepared me well for a working life.”

Maria works with the supply chain of health care products and medicines such as Otrivin.

“My task is to estimate the demand for such products in Norway, preferably up to 36 months ahead. But my "weather reports" are mostly about the next season and not several years ahead.”

In this work, she communicates with the company's finance team and marketing team. She gathers information from several departments to make forecasts. These are then used to plan production and supply.

“The tasks are quite demanding, but I like challenges. I also like that the products that underlie all the analysis actually help people to a better life. It gives me an extra meaning to be able to see a bigger picture opposed to just the daily tasks. When I was looking for work, this was precisely what was essential. I wanted to be part of something meaningful.”