Master of Science in Business

Major in Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management

Customise your Master of Science in Business degree by choosing a major in Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management.

Why choose a major in Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management?

Digitalisation, globalisation, climate change, increasing cost pressure, and customer demands require companies to work with their partners to develop optimal supply chains. Logistics, operations and supply chain management are among the competencies most needed in almost all industries, including manufacturing, retail, health, and consultancy.

What will you learn?

You will learn a mix of strategic, organisational and operational tools used in risk management, planning and scheduling, partnership development, and reverse logistics set-up.

Among the courses, you will find:

  • Operations: Learn various methods for optimising supply chains, and how they can be implemented in the real world.
  • Purchasing and Supply Management: Companies increasingly focus on their core competencies. Purchasing and supply management have become paramount for companies' competitiveness.
  • Current Issues in Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management: The performance of the individual firm is dependent on the strength and weaknesses of its partners in the supply chain. Learn to understand the logic of logistics, supply chains, and networks.

Programme Structure

Student perspective

Sara Boren and Veronika Gulsett, two current student who chose the major Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management, highlight their reasons for doing so. Veronika explains her hopes and experiences with the material in the programme. 

Student perspective

Faculty perspective

Professor Marianne Jahre and Associate Professor Mehdi Sharifyazdi discuss the relevance of Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management in a globalised and ever-growing society. Marianne and Mehdi highlight the key aspects that make this Business major a door-opener for students. Furthermore, they show how the major is different compared to other programmes at BI and in Norway.

Faculty perspective

Industry perspective

Communications and Marketing Director at PostNord AS, Ole A. Hagen, offers his insight into the development of the Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management industry. Ole highlights the importance of fresh ideas and constant development for an industry that never stands still.

Industry perspective

Practical information

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