What can I do with my degree?

Taking part in a digitalisation journey

Together with Athene Group, Preben is developing and working towards revolutionizing the accounting industry.

Preben Wallestad

Position: System Consultant

Employer: Athene Group

MSc in Business Analytics

Preben has worked in Athene Group for 2.5 years, and he is now finishing his MSc in Business Analytics. As a system consultant he is the project leader for an AI (Artificial Intelligence) project that they are currently working on. He finds it rewarding to be part of a digitalisation journey, and the responsibility he was given immediately after finishing school.

 – Athene is a forward-looking accounting company. They are constantly moving into a digitalisation journey that I want to take a big part in and to take a lot of responsibility in. Athene have also expressed that they want to give me this responsibility, and so far they have done so.

The future of accounting

Athene Group is an innovative accounting firm, and they have come far regarding digital solutions. Preben believes there is a great potential for digital improvement within accounting. There are an incredible number of processes going on, and these can be automated and digitized. The AI project Preben is leading includes software for handling documents and accounting.

 – When incoming documents come to the system, we have an AI engine that interprets the documents. Our accountants either confirm or change the proposals for the AI engine. This enables a machine to «learn» the complexity of accounting processes. This, in turn, means that the machine can, in time, potentially take over much of the manual work that an accountant does today.

Time saving solutions for the benefit of customers

Even though Athene Group is forward-looking and digital, their main focus is to give new and personal experiences to the customer. Their goal is to be the customer's advisor and a reliable supporter in finance.

 – The AI ​​engine frees up time. This allows us to spend our time providing added value to the customer. For example in working on reports and giving advice.

One step further every day

During the 2.5 years Preben has worked at Athene, he has learned a lot about the accounting industry and accounting practice. Not least, he has learned to be a project manager for a large project. Just like his workplace, he is constantly forward-looking and loving the digitalization journey they are embarking on.

 – My favorite tasks are the ones that I feel will make us better than we were yesterday. For example, digitization tasks and integrations. In the future I want to be able to develop, apply and utilize artificial intelligence in a company that runs a business. I will definitely make good use of what I learned from the role as project manager and the contacts that I made.

MSc in Business Analytics