What can I do with my degree?

Following her gut instinct

Great networking skills, passion and a gut instinct brought Sunniva to where she is today: Finishing a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, working as co-founder in Women Investment Network (WIN) and planning her second master’s degree in France.

Sunniva Sandjord

Position: Program Manager

Employer: Women Investment Network

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sunniva Sandjord is finishing her master's degree while she works for Women Investment Network. In August she is heading to France to pursue her second master in wine management. Her networking skills and entrepreneurial way of thinking has also played a big part in shaping the path she's on.

 – I didn't want a safe and normal job in a consultancy company, so I tried to figure out what my real passion was. My gut feeling pointed me to France, and my gut feeling is usually right.

An entrepreneurial mindset

At the moment she is finishing her master's degree, and during her studies at BI Sunniva has learned how to think as an entrepreneur. By that she means effectual thinking, and a less rigid mindset. It is ok to try and fail, and you have a lower perception of risk. After meeting the newly established startup company Women Investment Network at a network meeting, she decided to join them as a co-founder. This became a passion project with no pay.

 – I have been involved in developing a training program where we teach women about investing in startups. Thanks to my master’s studies I know a little about the industry, and I have been able to contribute with an academic and professional perspective. There is no pay, but still I feel it is beneficial for me because I get so much in return from the network.

Networking always plays a key role

Sunniva has also realised how important networking is. While studying at BI she has been very engaged in the student union, and during that involvement there she discovered the importance and joy of getting to know new people. So she decided to work even more strategically with networking.

 – Whenever I meet someone who inspires me, I ask them if they want to join me for a coffee or just a quick chat. I always think: What's the worst thing that could happen? That they say “sorry, I don't have time”. Then you have nevertheless invested interest in that person which you may one day get back when you need it. However, most people say yes, because usually people appreciate being respected or admired. This has really paid off for me, and I have often experienced getting a return on this investment showing that when you give, you get back. 

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation