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The definition of what a "good professor" represents, depends on who you ask and the subject. Some think it is important that it oozes energy and commitment from the lecturer, while others value good examples,  
reflections and discussions, assignment-based learning, or lecturers who dive deep into the details and refers to exciting research articles. The lecturers' approaches vary and are often based on personality and experiences from the classroom. But what they have in common is a genuine desire to contribute to your learning success and getting you involved in what is happening in the classroom. 

Christian Andvik

The award for best professor at BI goes to ...

Associate Professor Christian Andvik!

“The students think his lectures are interesting and the learning outcome high. They find that Christian always answers them with a genuine understanding.”

Hear what our international students have experienced in the classroom! Click play to get their reactions directly in the video below.

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BI and Financial Times logos
BI and Financial Times logos

Choosing an international business school that is recognised and highly ranked impacts not only the quality of your education, but is also an important factor for your future employers.

Male student at Campus Oslo
Male student at Campus Oslo

We work closely with the business community and work continuously to adapt to tomorrow's competence needs.