Annual report 2023

Study programmes and students

BI is committed to creating an environment that takes care of our students both academically and socially.

Ground-breaking research, close contact with business and a learning-oriented approach are the basis for developing relevant and attractive study programmes. Combined with excellent teaching, we develop candidates who will positively impact society.

  • 4.198 degrees were completed at BI in 2023 (not standardised time, but all who graduated in 2023).
  • In 2023, 1.223 examinations were conducted at BI. Of these, 973 were digital, 257 were group exams, 760 were home exams, 370 were school exams, and 93 were other exam forms.

Number of students:

  2023 2022 2021
*Total number of students 20626 20520 21653
*Full-time 2023 2022 2021
Bachelor 13183 12601 12652
Master of Science 1738 1587 1633
*PhD students 104 71 68
*Executive Spring Autumn Total Total 2022 Total 2021
Online courses 1507 1454 2411 2749 3007
Executive Bachelor 1164 1133 1984 2140 2695
Executive Master 1538 1460 2315 2535 2568
Executive MBA 66 62 66 69 65
Executive Master of Management in Energy 67 68 68 51 17
BI-Fudan MBA 204 190 258 243 355
Short Learning Modules     277 1496 -
Corporate 1465 1512 2469 2350 -

*Total number of students
The total number of students is taken from BI's own Discover dashboard Student Insight and shows the number of unique students who completed a course or program at BI in the fall of 2023. This number does not include PhD students as they are considered employees at BI.

All numbers are taken from BI's own Discover dashboard Student Insight. The numbers do not include students on leave or with extended study time without active exam or course registration. BI's full-time studies only admit students in the fall.

All numbers are taken from BI's own Discover dashboard Student Insight. The table shows active students for each program area at BI Executive, divided into spring, fall, and the total for the year. Some courses are active over two semesters where enrollment takes place the semester before, which means that some students are counted in both places. A student can take courses and programs in multiple program areas during a year and will be counted in both places in these cases. The table includes students on leave, readmitted students, and those registered for courses and exams in the current semester.

The number is taken from BI's own Discover dashboard Student Insight. PhD candidates show the number of active students last fall, both on standard time and with extended study time, with and without active course and exam registration. The counting method from previous years provided slightly lower numbers as it included students on standard time, as well as students on extended time with active course and exam registration.

Full time

  • The full-time division had a turnover of NOK 979.8 million, an increase of NOK 43.4 million from 2022.
  • 4.722 new bachelor students started at BI last year, an increase of 12% compared to 2022.
  • 767 master's students started at BI last year, an increase of 14% compared to 2022.
  • The Bachelor programme with the most applicants in 2023 was Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • The Master programme with the most applicants in 2023 was the Master of Science in Business.

Executive Education

  • In 2023, Executive had a turnover of NOK 421.1 million, NOK 21.9 million less than in 2022.
  • 6.317 new students started at Executive last year, a decrease of 5.05% compared to 2022.
  • The Bachelor course with the most applicants in 2023 was Board Competence.
  • The Master programme with the most applicants in 2023 was Interaction and management.

We depend on continuous innovation in our study portfolio to succeed in our ambitions. Here, we must consider both students' preferences, market trends, employers' needs, and new forms of learning.

Overview of new full-time studies starting in 2023:

  • Bachelor in law

Executive courses and programmes starting in 2023:

  • Sustainability in action
  • Marketing strategy
  • Strategic communication
  • Trends, communication and branding
  • Global Strategy and Sustainable Business
  • Responsible AI Leadership
  • Transition for sustainability
  • Sustainable risk management
  • Change Management in Practice
  • Social economics 1
  • Innovation
  • Organisational Behaviour and Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Introduction to Business Economics and Finance

Our programs should give candidates, regardless of their starting point, the opportunity to use their talent to achieve their personal goals and ambitions.

  • 64 students received scholarships from BI in 2023, divided between 41 master's students and 23 bachelor's students. 62% of the recipients were women, and 38% were men. The recipients represented 23 nations.
  • 248 bachelor's students and 297 master's students had internships.
  • 7 Ukrainian bachelor's and master's students received funds to cover tuition fees at BI and funds for subsistence through an aid program BI launched after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • We are proud to offer generous scholarships to our most qualified candidates.

BI has long prioritised reducing dropouts, ensuring study progression, and raising the completion rate among BI students. Targeted efforts over several years have yielded results.

  • Degree of completion in 2023
    Bachelor students 48 %
    Masters students 82 %
    PhD 71 %
  • In 2023, the dropout rate among bachelor students in their first year at BI was 13%. This refers to dropouts among first-year bachelor students with a three-year contract with BI but who have ended, or BI has ended, this contract in the following academic year. 

Our effort to contribute to social integration is an important tool for reducing dropouts and strengthening the completion rate. Everything we do to create belonging among our students contributes to a better social environment and increased well-being, which is also essential for academic benefit.

  • Coffee hour was organised twice a week at Studenkroa, with a total of approx. 53.000 participants through 2023.
  • 96 students have worked as learning assistants and completed 441 tutorials in 38 courses.
  • The learning assistants also offer feedback on submissions in six courses. In total, feedback was given on 2617 submissions in these courses.
  • 251 students registered to get help forming study groups.
  • Examples of events in connection with the start of studies: Fadderullan, International student orientation, matriculation, Meet your classmates (Social day) and Welcome to your programme (Academic day).
  • Examples of events carried out to contribute to academic and social integration for international students: International student’s week, lunch for Ukraine students and Christmas gathering, bachelor and master graduation.