Green Bag Lunch - How to Integrate Sustainability in Curriculum

Green glass building
  • Starts:11:00, 4 May 2023
  • Ends:11:30, 4 May 2023
  • Location:Zoom
  • Enrolment deadline:04.05.2023 11:10
  • Contact:Ann Kristin H Calisch (ann.kristin.calisch@bi.no)

Please find the recording  and the presentation (PDF) from the webinar 4 May 2023.

BI Norwegian Business School’s Centre for Sustainability and Energy hosts monthly 30-minute inspirational talks on "why" and "how" to teach sustainability and responsibility in business schools. BI professor Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen hosts the talks.

Today, we welcome BI professor Marianne Jahre, in her role since 2018 as Associate Dean for Master of Science in Business (Siviløkonom), a master programme with eight academic specializations (majors). Jahre was responsible for the MSc Business specialization in ‘supply-chains’ the previous 17 years. Jahre has her PhD from Chalmers Institute of Technology (Lund University) and has been working with disaster relief logistics and supply chain risk management research and teaching since 2007, heading projects and supervising students undertaken in cooperation with IFRC, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNICEF, Norwegian Red Cross, and the Norwegian Refugee Council. She now heads ‘SUSTAIN’ and ‘MIA’ research projects at BI and is involved in developing business cases on how Ukrainian companies handle the war.

Jahre ‘s responsibility as Associate Dean is to ensure quality and relevance in curriculum, including that students acquire knowledge, skills and mindsets in sustainability related to their academic fields.

  • She will address how she has worked to incorporate more sustainability in current curriculum. She will share:
    how she chose to approach the academic discussion
  • How she has involved BI faculty in the process
  • First results of curriculum changes
  • Some personal reflections on gains and challenges

Jahre has had strong support from BI’s Sustainability Adviser Anna Caroline (Anja) Czerwinska in facilitating the process and documentation. Anja will present the results.

Why is this talk relevant?

To solve today’s dire societal challenges, we need leaders who are able to generate purpose, ethics, system-thinking, interdisciplinary innovations and societal impact. International businesses and global associations are urging management educators to transform programmes and courses to deliver the kind of leadership that the world needs.
Are business schools too slow to transform curriculum, pedagogies and incentive structures to develop our future leaders? If so, how can they speed up?



  • Marianne Jahre

    Marianne Jahre, professor at BI Norwegian Business School and Associate Dean for BIs Master of Science in Business programme (Siviløkonom Master).

  • Anna Caroline Czerwinska

    Anna Caroline Czerwinska, Adviser - Sustainability and PRME, BI Norwegian Business School.

  • Caroline Ditlev-Simonsen

    Caroline Ditlev-Simonsen, professor at BI Norwegian Business School, co-director for BI Centre for Sustainability and Energy, PRME-adviser to BI President and host of BI Green Bag Lunch.