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I learned I can do anything I set my mind to

Optimal use of strategic tools and a new confidence in her abilities to master the unknown are two of the things Linn Tronstad, Chief Data Officer at Wheel.me, particularly appreciated at the BI Executive MBA programme.

«I applied for the BI Executive MBA because I wanted to increase my skills in management and leadership. I also wanted to build a strong professional network through the program and get to know new people that I could benefit from in my further career. Having an EMBA from BI also creates career opportunities in itself», says Linn.

A year after she completed her EMBA, she proved that point by leaving her position as Head of Robotics & AI at Norway’s largest bank to join the rising tech-scaleup Wheel.me as Chief Data Officer. 

«I am driven by curiosity and always ready for new perspectives and challenges. How do you move a brand from a smaller arena and into the global playing field? How do you work out the right strategy, and how do you implement that strategy to succeed? These questions and challenges were an integral part of my Executive MBA at BI. Now they are at the core of my everyday work», says Linn.

«I’ve come to realize that you are not born to do something, it is more about your own attitude and what you set your mind to.»

Gained confidence 

By putting small, powerful wheels on existing objects, Wheel.me can move objects effortlessly and autonomously through any indoor space. Here, Linn gets to combine her passion for robot technology and sophisticated data analytics with a wide display of new challenges.

«The Executive MBA made me more confident on several levels. It served up so many different challenges, and by pushing me out of my comfort zone and into new and challenging situations, it helped me establish a growth mindset. I suddenly found myself thinking ´If I could do this, why shouldn't I be able to do that?´ when exposed to opportunities. It's so easy to think that you need to follow the career path you have spent years building. But now I became confident that I could do so much more. And coming from a huge bank into a smaller, tech-driven scaleup, that confidence has certainly come in handy! It's a very different world», Linn says.

Juggling a demanding leadership position with studies required good planning, says Linn.

«I definitely had to consider the total load of participating in the program in addition to having a full time job. You need to be both dedicated and structured, because there is no time to waste. What worked for me was having a plan for when I intended to work – and stick to the plan», she says, adding: «I definitely think it was worth it.»

Tailor-made and up to date

The BI Executive MBA is an eighteen-month long programme suitable for leaders and future leaders. The program is divided into six intensive modules, each lasting two weeks. Elective courses allow candidates to tailor their degree with Global Leadership, Digitalization or Sustainability. Linn was impressed with how thorough the program was.

«The programme teaches you proper use of many of the typical strategic tools. Tools that you might have used before, but whom you really get to delve into during the program. This gave me a whole new understanding, which in turn reminded me of the importance of doing things properly and thoroughly, and not just scratching the surface.»

She also appreciated the interactions and discussions with both classmates and professors.

«Everything we did during the programme was case-based, and the cases were highly relevant and up to date. This sparked fruitful discussions both amongst the students, and also between students and professors.»

BI Executive MBA

  • Ranked among the world’s best Executive MBA degrees
  • 87% of the students finishing EMBA in 2021 reported that the course led to a higher job satisfaction
  • Designed to give you the tools to lead your organisation into a digital, global and sustainable future

Knowing me, knowing you

The programme seeks to support students’ personal development, helping them to attain their leadership development goals and their career development goals. For Linn Tronstad, this was one of the highlights.

« A large part of the programme is focused on personal development. You really get the opportunity to get to know yourself: How do I react in different situations, what are my strengths, what sides can I develop. It was really interesting.»

At Wheel.me, these experiences have shown their value:

«In a scaleup process, it's all about being agile and do whatever we need to do to succeed. You must always ask: What does the company need right now, and how can I best contribute? Which means that I have had to take on a lot of new challenges. In addition to my role as Chief Data Officer, I have been acting full stack lead and project manager, spent a lot of time out with clients, represented our company at tech fairs and met with big, global companies we'd like to connect with. But I came in well prepared. At BI, we learned how to adapt quickly to new information and utilize all our resources to deliver as a team». 

Getting an outside perspective on herself was enlightening, she says.

«It's just as much about how others perceive you. You’ll get continuous feedback from the group, which really gives you a 360 perspective on yourself. Throughout the program, things become very clear.»

A new perspective

«The learning and experiences from BI has given me new self-confidence. Earlier, I felt I always had to be one hundred percent prepared, have everything thought through, and always be spot-on when commenting on something. But through the programme at BI, I realized that it is perhaps more about starting a discussion and creating engagement around a topic. Which in turn leads to valuable perspectives and outcomes.», says Linn Tronstad.

Linn Tronstad 11

After finishing the EMBA, she feels less limited regarding what she can and can’t do.

“I know I can achieve the goals I set as long as I work hard for it, stay curious, and not least, stay open to the opportunities that present themselves. This has been very motivating for me, because I’ve come to realize that you are not born to do something or must be a natural talent, it is more about your own attitude and what you set your mind to.»

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