Finance at BI

Chartered Financial Analyst


Would you like to pick and choose jobs within the financial industry?

Then you should consider taking the CFA Programme, and learn actual analytical tools used in the industry. BI’s MSc in Finance has been approved by the CFA Institute as a participant in the University Affiliation Program.

The mission of CFA Institute is «to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society». The CFA exams is probably the most challenging exams you’ll ever have to take, because it is one of the single most important certificates within the field of Finance.

The Institute collaborate with universities that have one or more approved programs with a curriculum that is closely tied to the practice of investment management. BI’s cooperation with the CFA Institute is an advantage for all our students who want to embark the CFA exam challenge:

  • BI can award three CFA Program Awareness Scholarships to students each fiscal year. This scholarship waives the one-time CFA programme enrolment fee, and reduces the exam registration fee to USD 350 (usually more than USD 1,000).
  • Student have access to the eBook curriculum for all three levels of the CFA Program.
  • Students have access to sample exams for all three levels of the CFA Program.

Approval from the CFA Institute is verification that our MSc in Finance programme is one of the leading finance masters, and of our high-level academic standard in the field.